Adventure awaits!

Return to a world of wizards and pirates in three tales... First, with the help of an otherworldly stranger, a widow must not only save herself from a fiendish threat but must venture into a larger world where myths just might be true. Then, what exactly does the mysterious box (which seemingly cannot be opened) contain that makes it a danger for the citizens of Port Falmouth? That is what the young wizard, Azael, and his friend, the Captain, hope to discover...if they live long enough to uncover the answer. And, then, in the midst of a war for the fate of reality, a weary Azael must stand trial for crimes he didn't commit. The judge, the King of Thieves, was once a companion if not a friend. Now, he wants the wizard dead...even if it costs the world its greatest ally.

"If you enjoyed the original (Tales of the Evermore Volume One,) you'll find a lot to sink your teeth into here. Our three protagonists (Darke, Azael, and the Captain) return to drive us deeper into this world, plus you'll be introduced to new characters that will have an impact in stories to come. There are werewolves on the prowl, a sea serpent with a reputation to reestablish, and a king blinded by his own twisted need for revenge. So, buckle up! There's adventure ahead!"

(author) J. Patrick Lemarr

The Journey Continues

Tales of the Evermore Volume Two is the second of a series of short stories, novellas and novels set in this unique world of adventure!

Darke Returns

Get reacquainted with the mysterious Darke, agent of the Great Library. His travels take him into many stories...including this encounter with the widow, Maris Andlein, who may play an important role in the coming conflict.

Azael on Trial

Cunning, sly and the last of his kind, this wizard may have reached the end of his adventures when the King of Thieves puts him on trial for crimes the wizard may or may not have committed. The sentence? Death.