Will you step inside?

Awakening to find himself the captive of sinister forces, a young wizard must use his wits to escape before he and his fellow captive—a pirate Captain several years past his prime—are consumed by The Witches of Greyfolk. With the help of an otherworldly stranger, the boy and pirate must not only save themselves but the small port city that has been menaced by the witches for centuries. What exactly do the witches want from a boy wizard and an aging captain, and who is guiding them from the shadows?

“…this is a ripping little yarn with some fascinating surprises. I don’t want to ruin any of them, but suffice it to say that it’s not as simple as it appears. The story starts with two characters locked in a room, but soon expands into a swashbuckling mini-epic with some nifty left turns.”

Andre Salles (from the Foreword)

The Journey Begins Here!

Tales of the Evermore Volume One is the first of a series of short stories, novellas and novels set in this unique world of adventure!

Darke Days are Coming!

Meet the mysterious Darke, agent of the Great Library. His travels take him into many stories...including this encounter with the wizard who ruined his life.

Azael is Here!

Cunning, sly and the last of his kind, this wizard may have met his match when his past, present and future collide in an effort to put an end to Azael once and for all time.