A Promise Kept: A Prelude to the Witches of Greyfolk

Just in time for Halloween, here's my latest work of short fiction…A Promise Kept. This story acts as a prelude to the novella, The Witches of Greyfolk, coming out next month. If you'd rather download a copy for your e-reader, you'll find ePub (for various e-readers) and mobi (for Kindle) links below. This free version will be available until the release of The Witches of Greyfolk novella on November 20, 2015.

Special Thanks to:

Heidi Lemarr, for the patience and understanding required to put up with me when I’m lost in worlds of my own making. I’d never finish anything if you weren’t here to inspire, encourage, and kick me in the backside when I need it. And, most of all, thanks for loving me.

Ryan Jennings, for his critical eye and input. But I use the Oxford comma anyway, you lout!

Damireon “Andy” Parriette, for challenging me (all those years ago) to write the kind of fantasy I would want to read.

Shantel, Eric, and Marissa at Starbucks #1786, for keeping the shaken sweet tea flowing…and for a small table at which I could build new worlds.


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